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Workin’ Fast and Takin’ Names

OK, I don’t really have the names yet…

Today was a fun, if hot and muggy, day at the Bucks County Horse Park.  It’s Thursday – which means it was the BCHP Thursday Morning Horse Show, and I was apparently just getting warmed up.  I think I’ve set a personal record for having images up after a show today – with 899 shots taken, edited, sorted and 468 “keepers” posted up to the website a mere five hours later (including a desparately needed shower, dinner, and other assorted sundries). Continue Reading…

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Been a Busy Month Photographing Equestrian Events in Bucks County

Whew, it’s been a busy month!

Since my last post back at the beginning of June, I’ve photographed two shows at our local barn Rainbow Ridge Farm Camps and Riding Center, a Hunter-Jumper show at Bucks County Horse Park, a pair of schooling and USDF-recognized dressage shows at BCHP, and played second-shooter for Digital Expressions Photography for the June 23rd USEA-recognized Horse Trials. That’s in addition to a US holiday with the family and various other non-equestrian photography projects. As I said…a busy month.

With not much to say and lots going on, I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit. So just to catch up, here are some teaser photos from the various shows over the past month. The full sets of images can be found in the Gallery section of the website:

I’ll be at the Bucks County Horse Park on July 28, 30, and 31 for TMHS and the dressage breed and performance shows, so expect more to come.

Music is Oklahoma California by Anna Stafford

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