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"They Love Me…They REALLY Love me!"

I’m hoping people get the Sally Field reference here…

I noticed the hits on my flickr page for a certain photo going up and up – and so I did a little poking around… Apparently, Briana Shaker has a “Model Behavior” post on Don Giannatti’s Lighting Essentials site that features one of my shots (too cool).

Don and Briana share a boatload of information on L.E. and this led me to take Don’s workshop when he was in town a few weeks ago. Don had mentioned that one of his goals was to make Briana the most photographed model on the internet. I think they just might pull that off.

Read the post here – A Model’s Role in Lighting

FYI – I use as a place to add photos I’m excited about and stuff to share with family and friends. Not my professi0nal work (necessarily), but every photographer should shoot for fun, too.


Bucks County Equestrian Photographer, Stephen Crowers, creates graceful images of horses in and around southeastern Pennsylvania. To book him for equestrian shows in the Mid-Atlantic region or farm calls for on-location equine portraits (with or without you), call 267-718-5281 or email

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  1. Well, like maybe. I think we were thinking ‘tolerate’ but that seems so cold.

    Seriously… it is a really cool shot. Glad people are looking at it! It deserves more attention.

    Keep up the blog and the shooting.

Doylestown, PA-based photographer Stephen Crowers serves Pennsylvania and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region and can be reached at or 267-718-5281 (cell)

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